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How We Got Started

A few years ago, we became fascinated about why 50% of small businesses fail the first year and why 95% of businesses fail after five years and we discovered that it is because business owners do not know who their customers are, how to reach their customers and how to make their brand sell.

At Petros media, we believe that small businesses can survive and thrive a lifetime if equipped with the right tools. We are passionate about making business owners achieve their marketing goals using the right content strategy. 


Petros community is an online community for business owners in Nigeria who are seeking to grow their business to the dreams and aspirations they have. This community is aimed at helping business owners solve their problems with their business and provide support for them in every way possible.


We believe in a future where people can start a business comfortably in Nigeria knowing they will get all the support they need.


Building new business support systems in Nigeria.

Our Programs


A lot of business owners haven’t figured how to get to their business goals. Therefore, we have a community that supports you till you get to your goals.


We believe every business owner must have a basic knowledge of running a business in Nigeria. This is why we have a one month class with the best facilitators.


Speaking can be a huge task for business owners. We’ll be partnering with the voices and Faces community to help business owners how to present themselves better on social media.

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